A human connection to the stars unifies the rich history of this coastal location. Thousands of years ago (no one really knows how long ago), the Tongva and Gabrielino Native Americans settled this littoral land. As adept mariners they used the stars to guide them. Much later Portuguese and Spanish explorers studied the same stars to navigate great oceans and explore this western world. In more recent times the area became ground zero for the aerospace race. Many space-age advances had their impetus here as 20th century Americans launched satellites, shot free of earth’s gravity, and explored the moon.

The name of the campus, Apollo at Rosecrans, references the corporate heritage and achievements of former aerospace giants who worked here. The logo emulates Orion’s Belt, among the brightest and most prominent constellations in our Northern Hemisphere’s night sky, and reflects our constellation of stellar buildings. Together the prime location, recognizable name, and logo herald the innovative possibilities of future human achievement to lift off here.

Inspire your brightest people, launch your biggest ideas, and add your triumphs to the rich history of this location. We invite you to be part of the future of Apollo at Rosecrans.